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Mounted vs Unmounted

Unmounted Vinyl Wall Calendar: The unmounted vinyl wall calendar will stick directly to any flat surface.  Simply peel off the backing and place the calendar on a clean dry surface.  The Calendar is repositionable and reusable and can be removed without leaving residue on walls. These unmounted vinyl wall calendars can also be mounted on a wood board, glass, sheetrock, plastic sheet, or any other flat surface cut to size.  The unmounted vinyl wall calendar is versatile and will arrive in a round tube so you will simply unroll the calendar and either stick to a smooth surface or mount on a flat surface cut to size.


Attempting to place your wall calendar on a surface that does not meet those specifications, including textured and orange peel surfaces, may result in your wall calendar not sticking properly and interfere with your ability to write with your Dry Erase Markers.

Mounted Vinyl Wall Calendar:   A mounted vinyl wall calendar simple means we have taken the liberty to mount your calendar on a ridged board for you. The calendar will have two hanging grommets on either side so it can be placed on wall with two standard wall hangers.

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