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1). What is a Wall Calendar?

A Wall Calendar is a Large Calendar for your wall and we offer three primary design styles:

  • Vinyl wall graphic that will stick directly to your wall and shouldn’t damage your walls.
  • Vinyl graphic with mounted to a backer board that cab be hung with wall fasteners.
  • “The Old Schoolhouse Calendar” which will take installation of multiple brackets and will requires the need to drill a large amount of holes in the wall for proper installation. The look of the Old Schoolhouse Calendar is unmatched with its classic design.

Whether you choose a Wall Calendar for you professional workplace or home use, your making a huge statement with these large calendars.

2). What do you mean an IMAGE or PHOTO can be a Wall Calendar?

A Vinyl Printed Calendar can be created from an image or photo that you upload into the Build Your Own Calendar section of our website. Each image is then professionally formatted and finished by our Wall Calendar graphic designers. We may need to contact you for a better quality image if the image that you provide does not have the full amount of data needed for enlargement. With our Build Your Own Calendar tool you can personalize the layout and tailor your calendar to fit your needs.

ATTENTION: The Build Your Own Calendar portion of the website is currently in development. Please e-mail graphics to or contact us for any questions.

3). Can any image be a used for a Wall Calendar?

Unfortunately, not every image will look great as a large Wall Calendar. Remember that we will be reducing the color saturation of all images to insure the calendar itself will show up and your image is primarily the background for the calendar. When uploading an image remember the higher the resolution on the image you submit, the cleaner your Wall Calendar will look. If the image you submit is questionable in quality or size a customer service representative may contact you and ask you to submit another image.

4). Will my Wall Calendar look like the image I created in the Wall Calendar Graphic Designer tool in the Build Your Own Calendar section?

There are few things to consider when making this distinction. All computer screens have different resolutions and colors can vary between manufacturers. Computers use ppi [pixels per inch] to measure the sharpness or clarity of images. Also, certain colors when printed on vinyl material may contribute to variations.

ATTENTION: The Build Your Own Calendar portion of the website is currently in development. Please e-mail graphics to or contact us for any questions.

5). What file formats work best for my Wall Calendar and what formats will you accept?

Vector files (AI, EPS, PDF and SVG) – the customer will see 2 buttons below the image – 1 to add the image to the design and the other to remove the image from their upload folder.

We will also take BITMAP – JPG – GIF or other types of images. Feel free to send any file that is supported by Adobe Photoshop CS3.

ATTENTION: The Build Your Own Calendar portion of the website is currently in development. Please e-mail graphics to or contact us for any questions.

6). How fast will my Wall Calendar be produced and shipped to me?

There are many procedures that makeup a finished wall calendar. Wall Calendars will be shipped within 10 to 14 business days. Custom orders may take longer.

7). If I choose to purchase just the vinyl graphic, what surfaces will the vinyl stick on to?

Vinyl is intended for use on clean flat surfaces only. Attempting to place your Wall Calendar on a surface that is not clean or a surface that has texture may result in your Wall Calendar not sticking properly. If you need to change your location of the Wall Calendar or need to pull the calendar down for any length of time place the Wall Calendar onto the original liner.

8). What is return policy?

For vinyl calendars created from customer’s vector images or photos we will only replace items that were damaged during the shipment to customer. Because it is a custom product, we reserve the right to allow replacements based upon our discretion.

For the Old Schoolhouse Calendars we will charge a restocking fee and will only except returns within 60 days from the date the order was placed.

If you have received a defective product, feel free to contact us at anytime. Our hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Monday to Friday.

9). Where are your Wall Calendars printed and manufactured?

All of our products are manufactured and printed in Maine at our 85,000 square foot facility.

10). If I am ordering a vinyl Wall Calendar and would like to use a photo image how should I configure my camera?

For large vinyl Wall Calendars we recommend that you use at least a 4 megapixel camera. The more megapixels your camera has, the greater your overall calendar will look. Set your camera for the highest resolution possible. You can find this under the settings of the menu section of your camera. If you cannot find the setting section consult with your manual. Photos submitted with poor resolution may be unsuitable to use to create your Wall Calendar.

Here are some tips for a great photo. Do your best to keep from using the ZOOM function – the more zoom you use with your photo increased the data loss. If possible we would like to have an image that is 2048 x 1536 pixels. DO NOT change the resolutions of your photo before sending the file to us – send us the file directly from the camera.

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