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Custom Design and Fabrication

Custom Design & Fabrication to Fit Your Needs

At Large Calendars we can can incorporate Corporate Logos, Corporate Visions and Values and even Corporate Goals into a unique Large Calendar to meet your business needs. We manufacture Calendars from various sub straights with numerous size options. Large Calendars has the ability to manufacture large scale productions to single calendar runs. Large Calendars has the capability to incorporate your ideas or your designers ideas into a calendar as well as assist you in the design phase from start to finish.

Custom Vinyl Design

When designing a Calendar for a particular audience there are a few things to consider: (1) Placement of the calendar (2) Design or style of the calendar (3) Sizes of the calendar unit (4) Type of content being placed on the calendar.

We can work with designers, large corporations and large stores and will cater to small mom & pop shops as well.

  • Plastic Calendars
  • Metal Calendars
  • Exterior Calendars
  • Vinyl Print Calendars
  • PVC Calendars
  • Giant Calendars
  • Dry Erase Calendars
  • Slate Calendars
  • Glass Calendars

Calendar Scale-ability and Production

We at Large Calendars can manufacture any size or style calendar to meet your needs. We specialize in high quality large and small image printing so if your organization needs a calendar to fit a particular size or spaces just send us the dimensions and we will draft up samples.

We have worked with many Large Commercial Stores in the US to establish informative calendars to cater to specific needs.

Calendars Materials and Type Products

Calendar can be manufactured and produced out of many different kind of materials. VINYL gives us the ability to print high quality images onto calendars and is indicative to scale-ability. Calendars like The Old School House Calendar is fabricated from specifically designed large plastic sheets which can be milled to any size and gives us unlimited production capabilities. For exterior Calendars we can print calendars on metals or specialty plastics that are impervious to the weather.

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