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New Innovative Company is Restoring Maine Manufacturing Roots once Lost Overseas

Portland, Maine – Scott Hinkel, Partner and CTO, in conjunction with partners from Windham Millwork, announced July 20th the creation of Windham Innovations, Inc. The company will focus on advanced manufacturing techniques to restore a competitive edge over overseas manufacturers. Maine manufacturing, once deeply rooted in the wood and pulp industry, has been forced to reinvent its place in global markets through smart technologies.

Windham Innovations is one of the first companies to vertically integrate its manufacturing processes in order to sell direct to the consumer, thereby becoming more efficient and quicker to react to consumer trends. “We are excited at the prospect of developing and manufacturing products which will be truly American made and for the American consumer. The potential for these products are explosive and will ripple through the local community and beyond. We are proud of what we have accomplished so far and look forward to this next phase” said Scott Hinkel in a recent conversation. Through years of experience in manufacturing and product development Mr. Hinkel recognizes how quickly manufacturers must react to capture changing consumer fads and trends, and how necessary it is to reduce the time it takes to design, develop, manufacture and bring product to market. Such quick turnaround is critical when overseas manufacturers take 6 months at a minimum to explore such opportunities at which point the fad has passed and the opportunity lost. By keeping all these talents in house Windham Innovations has the recipe for success.

Currently products include dry erase applications for restaurants, schools, hospitals, businesses and the home. Some of their existing customers include Google, Apple, TD Bank, as well as many more Fortune 500 companies. The dry erase products can be purchased from its user friendly platform at where customers will soon have the ability to upload their own logos and images, thus designing and customizing products to their specification and need. The next phase of innovation will be in store fixtures and POP displays, traditionally dominated by the Asian market.

Windham Innovations is interested in exploring opportunities where their knowledge of technologies and the lean manufacturing process can be directly applied. For more information visit the Windham Innovations website at or email Scott at

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