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Four Simple Ways to Use Chalkboards for In Store Marketing

In-store marketing and promotional materials are expensive! Many organizations have to pick and choose which products they purchase, and thus, which products wind up getting promoted. One of the best investments is a chalkboard. After all, you can change your message from day to day or week to week. This is ideal for a business that has a constantly changing product line or one that features different specials from day-to-day. Here are four unique ways that you can use dry erase products an chalkboards to take your marketing program to the next level.

  • Create a Backroom Marketing Calendar – This marketing tool is one that customers never see; however, it can be highly valuable. Create an easy-to-edit calendar that tracks your marketing activities using a whiteboard or even a customized dry erase calendar.
  • Announce Daily Specials – Your Restaurant or shop can announce your daily specials in a simple and straightforward way. Use a chalkboard to keep every customer up to date with the latest deals and specials happening with your business. Whether you keep it simple or do it with flair, you will be amazed by the results.
  • Go Artsy – Let your most artistic employee go to town using liquid chalk and create beautiful, changeable artwork. Promote your new product or share a funny quote. The opportunities are endless. This can be both fun and effective.
  • Connect Online and Offline Marketing Programs – Using a dry erase board, you can share your social media profiles, website and other information with customers. This is the best way to connect online and offline marketing get the results you have only dreamed of achieving.

As you can see, chalkboard are an ideal way to boost your in-store marketing in an affordable way. Check out the options available at Dry Erase Innovations—we would love to help you find the perfect chalkboard for your business needs.

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