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Blog - August 2015

New Innovative Company is Restoring Maine Manufacturing Roots once Lost Overseas

Portland, Maine – Scott Hinkel, Partner and CTO, in conjunction with partners from Windham Millwork, announced July 20th the creation of Windham Innovations, Inc. The company will focus on advanced manufacturing techniques to restore a competitive edge over overseas manufacturers. Maine manufacturing, once deeply rooted in the wood and pulp industry, has been forced to […]

How to Erase Permanent Marker From a Whiteboard

Anyone who uses a whiteboard on a regular basis has probably encountered this problem—the always annoying “permanent marker on the whiteboard conundrum”. You may have grabbed the wrong pen when you were in a hurry, or perhaps a well-meaning child decided that your dry erase board was the perfect place for some permanent artwork. No […]

What Is Liquid Chalk Anyway?

Have you ever seen a menu listed in bright colors on a chalkboard in a restaurant, or perhaps noticed a brilliant piece of chalkboard art in your favorite café? There is a good chance these pieces are not done with the same chalk that you used to write your spelling words back in elementary school.  […]

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